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Updates 01-31-2019

Queen Black Dragon

  • Moved re-spawn and death re-spawn to home
  • Flame Wall attack hits lower now when using appropriate anti-dragon equipment
  • Removed Dragonkin books from drop table
  • Changed time allowed on animated floors until you take damage from 3 to 7 seconds
  • Added all rare drops to the news feed

World-gorger Boss

Combat of the boss has changed significantly and here are the changes:

  • Boss now hits through mage prayer (1/2 damage when active),
  • Will no longer focus familiars to avoid damage,
  • If multiple people are in the room, there is a chance every 3 attacks for it to target another player
  • Damage dealt to the boss is capped at 600
  • Damage the boss deals has been slightly lowered
  • You can no longer leave the area, the only way out is death or teleport


  • Added Farming patch and Construction bench to home
  • Removed ;;west and ;;north commands
  • Removed double spin ticket from Troll Invasion reward and replaced with 2 crystal keys
  • Removed double spin ticket from completing Cook's Assistant and replaced with a crystal key
  • Removed double spin ticket drops from Vorago's Chest
  • Added a check to Max/Comp Cape shop to allow only maxed players to access

About us

Wolf Scape is backed by a passion to create an exciting experience as well as a thriving community. With over 10 years of collective experience in running successful RSPS's, the team at wolf scape is dedicated to producing a game that will make you a fan for life. We strive for excellence and our efforts show nothing less than that. We value our players' input by applying all feedback into our end result and create an adventure like never before. It's a pleasure to have you as a part of our journey to make the best RSPS ever.

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